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Our game development philosophy comes from our

stories and experi-ences

Games are fun and can be great, meaningful entertainment. Creating them should also be fun, satisfying, and professionally fulfilling – That was our thought after


in many different places over decades in the industry. We still don’t have a golden rule on how to make great games. What we do have, however, are lessons learned and hard-earned ideas for improvement.
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That is why we decided to create our own place where we could put our ideas in motion. A place not just to create games, but craft stories that evoke emotions and leave a lasting impact on players.
We started from a clean slate.
We formed

the project

Currently, we are working on a character driven story from an apocalypse — with a twist or two.

We’ve had our share of creating huge, super complicated games with open worlds. That’s why, we focus on simpler goals – uniqueness, emotions, quality, and refinement.

We put all our passion and dedication into our craft, and we’re eagerly looking forward to letting you play the compelling narratives we are working on.

Rest assured, we will share more details when the time is right.

join us!